Happy Valentines and Galentines Day!

By Bella

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Oh, ladies and gentlemen, you know it is the day! And today I list my top five beauty picks to present to the ladies in your life, whether your best gal or your best pal!  That is, of course, if she is into makeup and beauty.  If not, disregard and buy her what she really loves!  But, if she is into all beauty-related items, these won’t lead you wrong… unless she already owns them!

morphe brittany bear nose contourFirst of my favourites is the Morphe Brittany Bear Nose Contour Brushes.  The brush kit was developed by Brittany and Morphe to help users “master the art of transformation.” There is a brush to slim and and shorten the nose (the M3), a brush to help create a button-like nose (the M6), and a brush to highlight, buff and blend it all together (the M0).  In a nutshell, it’s using your skills as a makeup artist to achieve the look of a smaller, slimmer nose. Basically, a nose job without going under the knife. And, the elegant style of the brushes and packaging won’t go amiss, either!

morphe 8h hi fi palette openSecond favourite is, again, Morphe.  If you’re going to contour your nose or any other part of your face, you need the best in sculpting palettes, which in my books is the Morphe 8H Hi-Fi Sculpt & Shimmer palette.  It’s so much better than an assortment box of chocs! And, do note that it says “shimmer”? You also get, in addition to the lovely shades of Donut, Debutante, Blogger, and Fabulous for sculpting/contouring, you get the bonus shades of Beam, Mirage, Big Bang, and Venus for highlighting! Oh, and do they ever shimmer!

huda beauty liquid matteThird fave on my list, as we move on from lovely Morphe… anything from Huda Beauty!  We ladies love a lot of eyeshadows and the bigger the palette, the better for most of us, however, there are times… for overnight or extended travel… we must down-size and the Obsessions line from Huda is perfect!  My favourite is Amethyst Obsessions, but there is a huge array of choices so just follow the link to choose the right palette for your gal or pal!

Fourth fave, also from Huda Beauty, is their liquid matte lippies. I’m particularly loving Trendsetter shade for myself but check out the stunning selection you can buy for your lovely here. And, believe me when I say, these last all day!

Benefit 24 hour browLast, but never least, here is the thing every girl needs for her brows.  Never mind if they are skimpy, non-existent, or thick and lush, she needs Benefit Cosmetics 24-hour Brow Setter!  And, if you will indulge me a little story here, I can attest it lasts longer than 24 hours. I decided to test how long it would last recently.  Mind you, it was a bit tricky washing my face without rubbing off my brows [I am one of the skimpy brow gals] but I managed.  It is now day 5 and although today they are looking a bit peaky, I have had glam brows for at least 4 of those 5 days!  She will love you forever.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my Valentines/Galentines Day picks and I’m hoping even more that they were useful to you.  May the day bring all the love you want.


Bella x