Review Color Club Nail Polish in Rocky Mountain High

By Bella

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So, I was gifted this nail varnish, Rocky Mountain High by Color Club, by someone special whom I would never point toward reading this blog or it would hurt her feelings a bit… I’m always ready to try new items and the colour is one I like – a deep burgundy which was very right for the time of year, Christmas, when she gifted it me.  I regret to report that the polish itself was problematic at best.

First, it went on quite sloppily.  I don’t believe that was quite down to me. I have a lot of problems at my age, but shaky hands aren’t one of those and I have been varnishing my nails for half a century or a bit more, therefore, I’m a dap hand at getting between the lines.

Next, no matter what tricks I tried – and I have a few for these circumstances – it just wouldn’t go on smoothly.  It kind of reminded me of when I was a child, my Aunty Win would give me her old varnishes to play dress up with.  For an 8-year-old, I felt ever so much an adult when Aunty Win gave me a handful of old varnishes and lippies to play with, I felt like I had won the pools!  So, I would never, ever complain that they were gloppy and stringy and downright difficult to put on my little chewed down stubs.  Not to mention, I felt damned glamourous once they did dry… eventually!

Rocky Mountain High Color Club 1
Rocky Mountain High by Color Club ~ photo by Bella

This is exactly how the Color Club varnish went on:  Quite puddly, stringy, and all over the shop.  However, I managed to clean down the cuticles and after several lashings of topcoat, I could take this snap to let you see that, it is quite an incredibly lush burgundy.

The best part of this experience, however, is that it fondly brought back to mind my Aunty Win and how she trusted I would know exactly what to do with all those old nail varnishes she gave me… and how she helped form my love for all things cosmetic as I grew older.  She isn’t around any longer, sadly, but I’m quite sure she would be proud of how much I’ve learned over the years.  And prouder still that I did the same thing for my daughters as she did for me.

And, I’m grateful to my friend and this gift of nail varnish that fought me tooth and nail, because of the dear memory it conjured.  That is why I shall keep it.

Many thanks for reading,

Bella x

Bella’s First Blog

By Bella

Instagram: @bellassima_essex

undefinedHello to all stopping by. As you can see, I’m only beginning here.  I’m Bella, if you haven’t guessed and I’m a 64-year-old woman with a renewed passion for beauty and feeling special.  When I was young, I was already into lighted make-up mirrors, finishing sprays, fake lashes, the works! And that was when I was only thirteen! For the following 45 years I would not go out the door without a full face. We used to call it “putting on our slap” in the day…if you ever hear me use that, now you will know.  But then, I slowly began to leave off taking so much care of myself.  But why?

I look back and it was around the time I was coming out of a very bad relationship. I was verbally and physically abused for about 5 years until thankfully it ended with him being locked up and me getting a divorce.  All that pity party aside, I still made the effort most days until I was made redundant on my job another 4 years later.  So, by the time I turned 58, I seemed to give up…and I had finished menopause about 4 years earlier so I think my hormones must have taken a walk, ha ha….

Anyway, for about the last 5 years I have not made much of an effort.   But I got noticing that there were a load of gorgeous older women on telly and out and about.  And I began seeing videos on YouTube where women who really looked as bad as I thought of myself looking were getting makeup done that made them really gorgeous!  It was the same woman, but makeup, deftly and strategically done, made them look so stunning it would bring tears to my eyes.  I wanted to learn to do the same for myself.

Well, here I am now.  I still don’t have that “I’m gorgeous” mentality but that doesn’t mean I can’t try, does it? What I want to try to do in my blog and on my IG account is show “women of a certain age” that we can be beautiful – oh let’s go out on that limb – we ARE beautiful, makeup or not. 

But it’s not always about the wrinkles, or the rough, dry skin, or blotches, or droopy jowls.  Some women lose much of their hair by their 60’s to 80’s.  Some women have lost their teeth, or at least some of them.  Some women, bless them, have lost even more important things.  But read this if you read nothing else… it doesn’t matter.  You are beautiful, and so am I. Come celebrate your beauty with me!

And, we won’t leave the younger ones behind here, either!

Thank you for reading,

Love, Bella x